Omah Lay – Ripo Ripo Lyrics

Ripo Ripo Lyrics by Omah Lay


Ripo Ripo Lyrics:


Damburuba – Ar med Robber

Damburucas – Sound Go Down – Oga Okada

Barack Obama – Reverend Mbaka

Omo Yoruba – Wole Soyinka

Oga Osama – Oga Ogbaja

Osa Loviwa – Oluwa Burna

Omah Oluwa  – Yaradua

This One – That One


I Dey Do My Thing Small Small,

I No Dey Follow You For More Agbalumo

And I  Dey Take My Sign Small Small.


I No Dey Follow You Try Kanjidam , Let Me Come And Dey Go

The Money Wey I Get No Be To Con Dey Show

The Car Wey I Get, I Dey Use No Dey Drive For Road

The Life Wey I Dey Live Is On My Own


You Con Dey Call Me BenchMan (Player)

Wey Dey Form Sense Man (Gbenga)

Wey Dey Claim Benzema (Stranger)

No One To Come And Quench My (Prayers)


But I Dey Give Them Ripo Ripo Popoo

The Vibe Dey Enter The Body Ooo

Ripo Ripo Po Po…

The Vibe Dey Enter The Body o oo


Me I Dey Give Them Porigi Poo Po….

As I Dey Find My Money oo ooo

Me I Dey Give Them,  Porigi Poo Po Po

Me I Just Dey Find My Money ooo,



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